Why internet connectivity is the key to transforming the rural landscape in India?

A small village in Kota district in Rajasthan has seen a sudden sprout of entrepreneurs and small businesses. In another one not far away, internet cafes have mushroomed, buzzing with students. An all-women, for-women microfinance non-profit is organizing its work, meetings and cash flows like a pro. An elderly farmer in another obscure village now gets to know the fair price of his crops at a click. Read More

The digital change in Rajasthan to start from every home

An upcoming YouTuber in Churu, Rajasthan is ecstatic that he finally gets to share his vlogs with the world without any hindrance. In the part of the city, where quality, high speed internet was a luxury till a while ago, his live video from atop his terrace is testament to the transformation that connectivity has brought about. Going by the name of ‘Spicy Studio’, this technology loving vlogger who likes to review Read More