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IConnectWe brings connectivity beyond the cities and highways – to the last mile in the remotest corners of India

Connecting the Unconnected India

IConnectWe brings connectivity beyond the cities and highways – to the last mile in the remotest corners of India. Committed to bridging the digital divide between rural and urban India, its services empower communities, expose them to newer possibilities through seamless connectivity and foster innovation and growth.

IConnectWe is a partner with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook, to implement this initiative.

Our Services target the 4-Es
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We are committed to bringing innovation in education and open possibilities for better avenues, via our connectivity services. Educational institutions as well as individual students benefit from internet cafes, e-vocational trainings and easy access to any possible information.

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With our technology interventions, we encourage and nurture entrepreneurship initiatives, helping individuals lay solid foundation for a viable business.

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ConnectWe gives enterprises a foundation to further business and growth prospects. This is backed by seamless connectivity to increase reach out to stakeholders, expand e-commerce and build more retail channels.

Reliable Internet Service in Rajasthan


IConnectWe is adding new dimensions to entertainment in the rural landscape. With data services like never before, the rural populace is exposed to endless possibilities of music and video streaming, gaming, community TVs and so on.

Enablers of a ‘smart’ future

IConnectWe is the enabler of a smart ecosystem, paving the way for smart solutions making life easier and villages efficient. The technology revolution will lead to evolution of smart villages with e-choupals, healthcare services like remote patient monitoring and telemedicine, safer villages with smart streetlights, smart public conveniences like Water and Milk ATMs, smart rural businesses with local e-commerce; the possibilities being endless.