Partnering with Facebook, we bring the Express-Wi-Fi services to rural areas that have not yet explored the plethora of possibilities that data connectivity bring with it. We boast of unparalleled connectivity and ubiquitous network coverage in the areas we operate in.

Our data services are highly customisable with plans that suit every need – be it an individual, retailer or enterprise.

What makes us different?

  • Affordable

    Economical internet packages

  • Accessible

    Easily available to all

  • Fast

    High speed internet anywhere, anytime

  • Reliable

    Uninterrupted service with advanced technology

  • Customisable

    Various packages to suit every need

Our Reach

Rajasthan is the first state we have started service delivery in, having already penetrated 25 towns and set up 1715++ Wi-Fi hotspots and 2000++ enterprise connections.