The digital change in Rajasthan to start from every home

An upcoming YouTuber in Churu, Rajasthan is ecstatic that he finally gets to share his vlogs with the world without any hindrance. In the part of the city, where quality, high speed internet was a luxury till a while ago, his live video from atop his terrace is testament to the transformation that connectivity has brought about. Going by the name of ‘Spicy Studio’, this technology loving vlogger who likes to review and share his experiences with latest gadgets, plans to put up many more videos, thanks to the high speed data in Rajasthan via LMES Iconnectwe Express WiFi hotspots. He swears by the quality, and the surprising affordability of data packages that are now being offered.

This is just one of the happy stories of people in the city of Churu and similar areas in Rajasthan, who are enjoying the benefits of high speed internet services due to the increasing connectivity services. And this is a change, that is surely set to accelerate in the coming times.

It is perhaps safe to say that Rajasthan is one of the leading agents of the digital change that is being witnessed over all in the country. It is fast emerging to be the epicentre of transformation with multiple schemes and services which are aimed at digitalization or initiatives to ensure easy access to internet especially to rural areas. In fact, the internet users in Rajasthan has been highest amongst the rural areas in India with over 7 million people being internet users. It has fast becoming a hub of start-ups and driving e-governance at different levels. It is bringing digital intervention to areas such as women empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship, agriculture and in education and health services. The government schemes such as e-sakhi programme to empower women, the Krishi Vigyan Kendras to train farmers on latest agricultural techniques to local governance initiatives like e-mitras which gives easy access to government programmes through kiosks everywhere, are all examples of the dream of an all-digital ecosystem.

One of the biggest challenges for mass implementation of these services, however, is to ensure that high speed, quality internet connectivity and data services reach the last mile. With initiatives such as Express WiFi by LMES Iconnectwe, this challenge is being strategically overcome. The change has to start from every single home. When every household in the last mile gets connected, opportunities become endless. Be it every home being exposed to never-before options of entertainment, especially OTT and never-seen facets of larger outside world, to facilitating budding entrepreneurs, to easy access to all public services as well as bill-desks and grievances, it opens the gates to holistic development. Of course the larger picture is brighter with better implementation of government schemes, digitally connected education institutes and healthcare services and rural economics at a high.

Adoption of technology has to be bottom up for the real change to manifest on the ground. With that, we are sure to see more vloggers on YouTube, bloggers from smaller towns, rising entrepreneurs from places unheard of, empowered women and children, healthcare which is driven by connectivity, education institutions with unmatched digital programmes, and villages which are driven by smart technologies and are self-reliant. A land of stunning history and a past that people flock to see, will also be at the helm of the future of digital revolution and an ecosystem driven by connectivity.